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He was born in 1961 in San  Miguel de Tucumán, city in the north east of Argentina. He pursued his first art studies with the artist Beatriz Zelarayán, from Tucumán, and these made him decide to start the College of Fine Arts, National University of Tucumán, in 1980. In 1982 he obtained the third prize in the Salón Alba of the North East, in Salta city. In 1983 he moved to Buenos Aires, where he graduated with honors as National Professor of Fine Arts in the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón, in 1990. In 1997 he was admitted as observer of dramatic staging in the Theatre General San Martín, in Buenos Aires.

He studied with the masters Alfredo Portillos, Miguel Angel Vidal and Felix González Mora.

In 1991 he became the co founder of M.A. a. C.( Movement of Computerized Art) which represented Argentina in 1992 in the Seville International Exposition, sponsored by the Sub-secretary of Computer Science of the Nation’s Presidency.


2017– Art Revolution Taipei – Taiwan

2014Art Salta – Salta City – Argentina

2013Al Sur del Sur – Cultural Center Recoleta

2012- EXPOARTE – Palace San Miguel – C.A.B.A – Art Salta – Salta City

2010- Expotrastienda – Argentine Rural Society  – Bs. As. – Art Salta – Salta City

2008- “Expo-artistas”- Cultural Center J. L. Borges – Buenos Aires City – Arteclásica – Costa Salguero, City of Buenos Aires

2007-Classic Art Fair – Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires –Argentina

2007- ARWI Art Fair – Convention Center – San José of Puerto Rico – U.S.A

2007- “Expoartistas” –  Cultural  Center  J. L. Borges – Buenos Aires – Argentina


2014-  National painters concourse – Palais de Glace
Salon Manuel Belgrano – Draw – Museum Sivori
Cultural Center Borges
2013-  Salon Quilmes – Museum Victor Roverano
Salon Manuel Belgrano – Draw – Museum Sivori
Expo Aniversario Galeria Braque – Foundation Romulo Raggio
2012- Salon Benito Q. Martín – Museum Quinquela Martín – La Boca
Salon Manuel Belgrano – Draw – Museum Sivori
2011-  XL Salon of Tucumán – Painter – Museum Timoteo Navarro
Salon Manuel Belgrano- Painter y Draw – Museum Sivori
2010- Salon B. Q. Martín – Museum Quinquela Martín – La Boca – Bs. As.
Museum Palmira – Merlo – San Luis
UNIART – Cultural Center Borges – Bs. As.
Salon Manuel Belgrano – Painter – Museum Sivori
2009- IV Graduated exhibitions – Invited – University of Belgrano
Salon Manuel Belgrano – Museum Sivori –Painter
2008- Club Alemán – Buenos Aires City
Art’s Palaces – Buenos Aires City
Latinoamerica art today – Gallery Rienössl – Viena, Austria
2008- Gallery Nucleo of Art – Buenos Aires City
2008- III Graduated exhibitions – Invited – University of Belgrano
2006- AC Contemporary Art gallery – Tucumán – Argentina
2002- M.A.a.C – University of Palermo – Buenos Aires – Argentina


2016– City Council of San Isidro.
2013– SAAP.
 2012– Gallery Braque,
2010– Gallery Braque.
2009/10– Museum Benito Q. Martín.
2009– Gallery Núcleo / Torres.
2006 “Emergents” – Paintings- Cultural Centre – E. Virla- National University of Tucumán – Argentina.
2005- Paintings- Art Gallery “Núcleo de Arte”, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
2003- Drawings & Paintingss – Mississipi River, Buenos Aires- Argentina.
1996- “Project Poli-censorial”, Video installation in the National University of Tucumán – Argentina.
1993– Paintings in Babilonia Art – Capital Federal.
1992Paintings – in the National University of Tucumán – Argentina.
1991 Art Gallery Forma, Buenos Aires – Argentina.
1991 Paintings – Center of Argentine studies- CEDEA.


2015- 1st Prize National Awards Museum Felix Amador, Luján.
20082nd Prize Salon Benito Q. Martín.
20082nd Prize – National Paiting Prize – Benito Q. Martín.
20083rd Prize – National Awards – Palis de Glace.
2008- 1st Prize- Belgrano University.
1990– Honorable mention “Murales de la Ciudad” – Cultural Center San Martín.
1993–  3rd Prize in painting– Salon ALBA Northwest, Salta City.


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